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Top Selling Custom T-Shirts

Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
As Low As $4.49

Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
As Low As $4.55

Eurospun T-Shirt
As Low As $7.05

Men's Long Sleeve
As Low As $10.95

Canadian Made T-Shirts
As Low As $12.15

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Need custom promotional t-shirts to beef up your branding efforts? Look no further than Just Direct Promotions! We offer rock-bottom factory direct pricing for custom made t-shirts that will help boost brand recognition and get the word out about your business. Perfect for all of your promotional needs – a campaign, tradeshow or other type of function – Just Direct handles wholesale t-shirt orders of all sizes. Whether you need company t-shirt printing, event specific t-shirt production or shirts for any other promotional purpose, we’ve got you covered.

Our extensive collection of custom made t-shirts includes a variety of different styles and fashions, for both men and women:

  • Heavy cotton and ultra cotton
  • Youth and toddler t-shirts
  • Ladies and Men’s V-neck
  • Tank tops
  • Long sleeve
  • More

    And, these t-shirts are from some of the best names in the industry, including Gildan and the Authentic T-Shirt Company.

    Why Just Direct?

    By choosing Just Direct Promotions for your custom made promotional t-shirts, you get more than just high-quality clothing. You also receive unparalleled customer service, dealing directly with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who will personally attend to your order. You also benefit from state of the art technology; our custom t-shirt printing is done using leading edge screen printing technology and the latest and greatest in embroidery methods. And the best part? Just Direct provides the most cost effective prices for t-shirt printing in Toronto and all across Canada!

    Get your wholesale, custom made promotional t-shirts today with Just Direct Promotions! Call us today at 1-866-915-5878.

    T-Shirt printing explained. How Custom T-Shirts are printed

    Just Direct Promotions Custom Printed T-Shirts Canada

    T-Shirts got their name because of their “T” shape when lying flat, created by the body and sleeve.

    The following video demonstrates a silkscreened, custom printed t-shirt; 1colour of print; white on dark coloured t-shirt. Screen printing is a modern, cost-effective way of printing t-shirts.

    Provide us with your artwork for your custom printed t-shirt, or we can help produce artwork for your custom printed t-shirt. The artwork needs to be crisp and clear and in vector format for the best results when printing your t-shirt.

    The t-shirt design is then positioned on the t-shirt in your desired location, and an artwork proof showing the location is submitted for your approval.

    We then use the approved t-shirt artwork to produce a film positive to be used for the custom screen printing process.

    We are now ready to “burn” the film positive on to the screen. A screen printing frame is usually made of wood or aluminum with a polyester mesh stretched on it. In the old days actual silk was used for the mesh. Today we use polyester mesh because it is more durable and considerably less expensive. The polyester mesh will have your image transferred on to it so that we can print the custom t-shirt. Your image is applied to the screen by first coating the screen with a light-sensitive emulsion coating. It is applied to both sides of the screen and then allowed to dry.

    Once the screen has dried we then position the film positive on the screen and expose it to light on a vacuum table with a special light for an allotted amount of time. The emulsion on the screen is hardened by the light but the positive or black area of the film positive blocks the light from reaching the emulsion. The area that is blocked by the light is left unexposed and soft. This soft area is your custom t-shirt artwork.

    The next step is to simply rinse out the soft part of the emulsion. We wet both sides of the screen and then use a pressure washer to remove the soft area of the emulsion which leaves the screen mesh open so that we can pass ink through it and print your custom t-shirt image. The screen is then sent through a dryer to remove all the water from the screen.

    The completed screen is then set up on the screen printing press. The press consists of a printing platen and a number of colour arms. The additional arms are used during multi colour printing of t-shirts.

    The screen is clamped in place and the edges of the frame are taped off.
    Special t-shirt printing ink is applied to the screen and we make a couple of test “pulls” on some test t-shirts.

    We are now ready to print your custom t-shirt. The platen is sprayed with a light coating of spray adhesive to help hold your t-shirt in place when it’s printed. The screen is lowered and we pull the ink through the screen. In this case we are printing white ink on a dark coloured t-shirt. After the first pull, the t-shirt is “flashed” for a couple of seconds with an ultraviolet light source. The light source instantly hardens the ink. This allows us to then apply a second coat of white ink to ensure a bright, dense coating of white ink so that your custom t-shirt design looks its best.

    The printed t-shirt is then sent through a conveyor heat dryer. The drying process cures the ink and completes the process.

    Just Direct Promotions also offers heat transfer, dye sublimation and 4 colour process printing on custom t-shirts requiring complex full colour images with subtle tones and shades of colour. Call us for all your custom t-shirt printing requirements.

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