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Top Selling Lapel Pins

Custom Classic Lapel Pins
As Low As $1.02

Custom 4 Colour Process Lapel Pins
As Low As $1.05

Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins
As Low As $1.15

Patriotic Flag Pins
As Low As $1.23

Cross Flag Pins
As Low As $1.70

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Factory Direct Custom Lapel Pins Canada



Just Direct Promotions How Custom Lapel Pins are made in Canada

The majority of the custom lapel pins we produce fall into the following types: Custom lapel pins, Canada lapel pins, Canada flag lapel pins, Country Flag pins, School pins, Sports pins, Hockey pins, Curling pins, Soccer pins, Police pins, Legion pins, Church pins, Collector pins, Charity and Fundraising pins.

Custom Lapel Pins are manufactured using the process shown in our video.

It all starts with a sketch of the custom lapel pin design. From that design, a ĎMasterí; a negative made of magnesium (a type of metal) is produced. The Master will consist of 2 pieces which will be the front and back of the custom lapel pin. Copies of the Master will be produced and used to create the production mold.

The front and back pieces of the Master must be cut from the magnesium using a coping saw. Using a dispenser about the size of a sewing needle, they glue the two pieces together with epoxy. It takes about 5 minutes to dry. Then they cast enough copies of the master to fill up a rubber molding disc.

After tracing the outlines, a worker uses a surgical knife to meticulously carve out the cavities. The worker softens the rubber with paint thinner to enable precision cuts, then places a copy of the master in each cavity. Another rubber disc goes on top, and then itís placed into a machine called a Vulcanizer for one hour. The Vulcanizer uses heat and pressure to cure the rubber making it as hard as a car tire. It also melts the rubber around each master copy, embedding the detail of your lapel pin. This will be the actual production mold for producing this custom lapel pin design.

Now using a surgical knife again for precision, they carve out Sprues; channels that during the casting process will direct the flow of molten metal to the cavities. They also make smaller curved channels called Runners to filter out any dirt particles and allow air to be displaced from the mold cavities. Itís crucial to position the sprues and runners correctly because this mold produces an entire line of a particular lapel pin. Mess up and they have to remake the mold from scratch.

Next, they insert a centimeter-long brass tack called a Post into each cavity. It will later fasten to a clasp, attaching the pin to clothing. The post goes in now, rather than later, so that it will fuse to the lapel pin during casting. To close the mold, they align the buttons on one half with the depressions in the other half. The mold then goes into whatís called the Spin-Casting machine. Using a cast iron ladle that can withstand the fiery temperature, they pour in molten metal - either pewter, zinc or tin alloy. As the machine spins, centrifugal force propels the metal into every nook and cranny of the cavities. After a minute of spinning four hundred rotations, the mold is removed. The metal takes about 5 minutes to cool and harden. Each individual custom lapel pin is separated from the excess casting metal, which is then re-melted and used for the next batch of lapel pins.

Next, a brass clasp called a Clutch goes onto the post. The lapel pins now go for an hour-long wash in soap, water and abrasive stones. The stones are used to smooth out any rough edges.

The pins then go into the electro plating tank for a surface coating of metal. How many coats and the types of metal vary with the design of the lapel pin. An electric current draws the metal particles onto the pins, plating them thoroughly. These pins first get copper plating, then nickel plating, then the final layer of gold plating.

Now itís time to paint the lapel pins. Workers follow a numerical guide like a paint-by-numbers kit. They paint each pin individually, using minute quantities of epoxy paint applied using a foot-controlled syringe.

Once the paint dries, a machine called a Pad Printer gathers up ink and stamps on the tiny details; the ones too small to paint by hand. When you pierce the post through the fabric and secure it with the clutch, the lapel pin is now ready to wear.

This video demonstrates how we make our Canadian Made Custom Lapel Pins.

We also offer offshore production of many of our Custom Lapel Pins.

Custom Made Promotional Lapel Pins

A custom printed Promotional lapel pin is the perfect promotional product to convey your message or logo in a unique custom manner. Just Direct Promotions has helped many companies and organizations in North America to express their message with custom made pins. Designing a lapel pin is made easy when you work with our knowledgeable customer service representatives to design your custom made lapel pin.

Just Direct Promotions produces lapel pins for a varied number of industries and organizations:
Canada lapel pins
Canada flag lapel pins
Country Flag pins
School pins
Sports pins
Hockey pins
Curling pins
Soccer pins
Police pins
Legion pins
Church pins
Collector pins
Charity and Fundraising pins

Just Direct Promotions will work with your artwork or create artwork for your custom made lapel pin in order for your lapel pin to look its best and be worn proudly by people who receive the promotional lapel pins. Choosing the right lapel pin type will ensure that your custom lapel pin artwork will reproduce properly and fit your budget.

Different types of Custom Made Lapel Pins

Custom Cloisonné Lapel Pins

Dating back to Ancient China, this process produces exquisite custom Cloisonné Lapel Pins with glass hard fired enamel colours. The process and use of glass resins give each Cloisonné lapel pin a hard gloss finish that simulates jewel tones.

Custom 4 Colour Process Lapel Pins

Stand out from the crowd with our custom 4 colour process lapel pins. Your graphic will be produced faithfully using our digital colour printers with no metal outline as is typical of enamel pins.

Custom Classic Lapel Pins

If you are looking for custom lapel pins where your logo and text stand out, this is the lapel pin for you. The polished metal will really amplify the colour contrast in your lapel pin and will ensure that people take notice of your custom lapel pin. Order your custom pins from a company that truly cares about the quality and outcome of your custom manufactured pins.

Die Struck Lapel Pins

When considering price and quality a custom die struck lapel pin may be your best choice.  Bring the antique style to your custom die struck lapel pin made with your choice of metal plating finish to help bring just the right shine to your pin. Your logo and text will stand out beautifully with the sandblasted background that adds just the perfect amount of contrast.

Cross Flag Pins

For business, eco-conscious programs, direct mail, trade shows, mission work and charity projects. Our cross flag lapel pins make a statement like no other. Any country available and ship as fast as 3 business days! A perfectly patriotic solution for a world of promotional needs.

Custom PVC Lapel Pins

Have your custom lapel pin appeal to the younger age bracket by adding the soft PVC that gives any custom lapel pin a softer, rubber like feel to it. Great for cartoon deisgns.

Ribbon Awareness Lapel Pins

Ribbon lapel pins are 1" in size, solid metal, with coloured enamel fill. Great for your non-profit agency to recognize your cause and as a fundraiser. You get your choice of colour fill to suit your specific awareness event or fundraiser.

Custom Pendants

Custom awareness pendants are a fashionable way to spread the word about your cause and a great fundraising piece. Custom pendants are made from die cast silver plated material with a one sided soft enamel colour fill. Create a unique shape to emphasize your logo or theme. Pendants come with 17” black nylon cord with silver finish lobster claw clasp.

Just Direct Promotions is an internet based Promotional Product supplier. We bring you factory direct pricing for custom shaped lapel pins. We offer both Canadian Made and offshore production options to serve you better. Choose from our classic pins, die struck pins, 4 colour process pins as well as our Canadian patriotic pins. All available in one of our metal plating finishes. You deal directly with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

We produce only the highest quality metal butterfly clutch back lapel pins using state of the art printing, finishing and assembly methods. You can order with confidence knowing that you will receive only the highest quality, cost effective Promotional Products in the industry.

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