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Crucial Delivery Dates

It is important that you clearly indicate on your order form or purchase order if a crucial delivery date is required. A customer service representative MUST then confirm the shipping date as well as the various methods of transportation.

Order Returns

Authorization is required prior to any return of goods. Please report any problems with your order to our office within ten days of receiving your merchandise. The merchandise to be returned must be received withing ten days of authorization. A credit will be issued upon arrival of the returned goods.

Website Trademark Use

Any trademarked or copyrighted products or logos shown throughout this website are used only to showcase our various products as well as our ability to place logos and text on such products. It should never be assumed that any example art, trademarked or otherwise, is readily available for purchase without the company's permission or that it was designed by the company.

Trademarks, etc.

Just Direct Promotions will assume no responsibility for any deliberate or non-deliberate legal infringements regarding artwork provided by the customer. It is assumed that permission has been granted for any and all designs supplied by the customer to be reproduced for the production of a product.

Responsibility of Orders

Once a common carrier departs from our facility with an order, Just Direct Promotions will assume no responsibility for that order. Disputes for any delays, lost, or damaged deliveries must be made with the carrier. However, we will make every effort from our office to assist in the tracing of your order.